There’s Always Bloody Something

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I was asked recently about the tagline to Bouncing Hedgehog – “There’s Always bloody Something.”

“There’s Always Bloody Something” is a memory from my childhood. My father had been in the Royal Air Force or RAF as a navigator with IX Bomber Squadron. When he left the squadron he was given a pewter tankard which bore the official squadron crest which was a bat. For those who are interested the bat actually existed at the time and hung around in the control tower if I remember correctly. He was a Malayan fruit bat that went by the name of “Tom Dooley.” I saw him years later at London Zoo. Anyway, I digress. The tankard. Rather than the squadron’s official motto “We Fly By Night” his fellow officers had the unofficial motto inscribed instead. In other words… “There’s Always Bloody Something.

And how right they were/are!

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  1. There is always bloody something, isn’t there?

    Reminds me of the book by Gilda Radner that she titled “It’s always something…” which she wrote while she was dying of cancer. She managed to keep her sense of humor through that kind of ugliness.

    Anyway that and your tagline reminded me that people who think their lives should be/will be “smooth sailing” are barking up the wrong tree!

    I guess the trick is to keep one’s sense of humor, and, well, to try to stay basically serene.

  2. admin

    It’s not really anything to do with the main post, but as you mentioned cancer did you know that Dennis Potter hated Rupert Murdoch so much that when he was diagnosed with cancer he promptly named it Rupert?

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