Whilst having a random browse round the Internet I came across a reference to something called sharking. “WTF is sharking?” I asked myself. It turns out that sharking is not connected with fishing in any way at all but is one of those peculiarly Japanese “sports” that involves embarrassing women.

Basically the idea of sharking is to find an unsuspecting woman or girl (out and about in public) and then one guy films whilst the other pulls her top up or down exposing her breasts/bra or lifts her skirt and pulls her panties down exposing her ass. The resulting footage is then uploaded to the Internet. And there are many examples out there.

How many of these videos are “real” I really don’t know. “Real” is a term that has become seriously abused where the Internet and porn are concerned. Many have got to be set-ups I guess, but some are also probably genuine. In which case there must be quite a few upset Japanese women out there.

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