Chicago Teen Impersonates A Police Officer

A 14 year old teenager in Chicago recently turned up at a station house wearing a cop’s uniform and not only got through the station security unchallenged but was allowed to go out on patrol. I’m glad the boys in blue are on the ball up there otherwise a 14 year old turning up at a station house, getting into a secure area and being sent out on patrol would give me grave cause for concern.

14 years old? I don’t care how big a kid is for his age someone (you would think) should have spotted it. Apparently he wasn’t armed which was put forward in mitigation. Well, I guess that’s something, but don’t you think that that alone should have rung alarm bells with someone? When was the last time you saw an unarmed cop? Let alone in a place like Chicago!

Deputy Supt. of Patrol Dan Dugan was quoted as saying the boy “has identified an egregious breach in security.” You think? I’m sure you are feeling just as safe as I am that all the areas the police guard against a terrorist threat in Chicago are safe. Nobody could possibly get in any of those areas could they?

Rest easy America, he was only a 14 year old. Not a terrorist. I’m sure they would have spotted one of those right? Oh… what if the terrorist was only 14?

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