California Mom Gives Birth To Live Octuplets

A California mom gave birth to live octuplets yesterday. In less than five minutes she had six boys and two girls. Congratulations to both mom and dad and best wishes for the future. What a handful! Very little has been released about the parents so I have no idea if they’re wealthy or not. If they’re not then hopefully there will be a few sponsorship deals in the offing. Kids are a bank-breaker at the best of times and eight will cost a not so small fortune to raise.

The hospital was quoted as saying that this was “only the second time in history live octuplets have been born.” US newspapers and other media sources were reiterating this as fast as they could. Ummm…¬†well… no. It’s the third time actually. It’s the second US set of octuplets but not the world’s. The first set of octuplets (US sources are quoting the first as being in Houston in 1998) were actually born in Mexico in 1997 pre-dating anything American. They died not long after birth and what a tragedy that was but they were born live and they were the first to be so.

It’s another fine example of the US forgetting that it is not the whole world.

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