Shocked By A Naked Nipple But Not By Naked Aggression

It’s almost Superbowl time again which prompted a thought regarding the infamous (at least in American eyes – the rest of the world couldn’t give a damn) wardrobe malfunction whereby a naked nipple was missed – sorry – I mean seen by almost everyone. The resultant uproar was laughable. I dare say most people would have ignored it but were they allowed to? No. Of course not. The media went into an absolute frenzy of damnation thus inciting the “outraged” right wing religions to join in. Talk about a storm in a frigging teacup.

I have lived in many parts of this world and visited many others but nowhere have I found such a prudish and screwed up attitude towards sex and nudity as I have here. I have now become familiar with “greyed out” areas on my TV screen as the self-righteous censors strike. I will go into censorship in another article but not right now. Actually I’ll go into the attitudes regarding sex and nudity over here too at another time as well.

What I find absolutely amazing about the whole business is that all those “shocked” (and obviously psychologically damaged for life) people are not shocked by other stuff on TV – to which children ARE exposed. The Sci-Fi channel for instance (and I’m not picking on them – they just do it so often and with such gay abandon that I chose them as an example) frequently shows the actors being disemboweled or having their heads ripped off in glorious technicolor close-up. Now I am not saying that children should be exposed to non-prurient nudity as a matter of course on TV, but which do you think is more likely to do them the most damage psychologically? A glimpse of a bare ass or a head being ripped off? Get a grip America and get a sense of proportion.


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