Ever Been To A Penis Museum?

One of the really bizarre things I came across during my travels was a penis museum in Húsavík, Iceland. Now I don’t know if the museum is unique within the world but I’ve certainly not heard of any others. The museum was founded in 1974 (I believe) by Sigurður Hjartarson. His aim is to collect a specimen from every single mammalian species indigenous to Iceland.

To be honest the museum doesn’t really look much from the outside but inside it is very well organized and the collection is obviously taken very seriously.

There are (at the time of writing) some 245 exhibits which include preserved penises ranging in size from a mouse to the blue whale (the world’s largest mammal) and all points in between.

Whether you believe them or not, the museum also claims to have examples from elves, trolls and various sea-monsters. Not too sure about that myself but each to their own beliefs is my motto.

There is no human penis on display but that will be changing. A local Icelander Páll Arason, (age 92), has signed an affidavit donating his penis to the museum. Presumably they get it after he’s done playing with it!

The museum is open throughout Iceland’s main tourist season (May to September) until 6PM. It’s worth a visit if only for the ability to be able to say you went. It’s a conversation stopper and not easy to top!

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