Public Outrage Over Octuplets

It seems I am going to have to revisit one of my earlier posts about the recent birth of octuplets. As I said at the time very little had been released about the parents. For parents you can now read parent. Nadya Suleman is the now named mother and she is an unemployed graduate living with her parents. Personally I don’t have any issue with someone being a single parent and neither should anyone else. Having seen the abysmal job that many two parent families have done of raising their children I refuse to cast stones over that one.

What does concern me somewhat is the fact that she already has six children conceived through IVF as were the octuplets apparently. Apart from the cost involved (as yet unanswered questions as to who has been and who will be paying) how can it possibly be resonsible for doctors to implant another eight embryos given her circumstances? I don’t think any society has the right to say how many children a person can or can’t have. However, if the future cost is being met by the taxpayer then they certainly have a right to object.

The cost of any care in the profit at all costs driven American system that laughingly calls itself a health “service” is outrageous. The cost so far has been estimated at $300,000 minimum. Now if she’s meeting the cost herself I don’t give a damn how many babies she has, but if she’s not then it’s just plain not right.

There are still too many questions which need answering so nobody should be treating her as a pariah yet. They are of course – this is after all America. This story gets more and more interesting and for all the wrong reasons. Watch this space.

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