I see that Facebook has bowed to public pressure and recanted its recent change about who owns what and who can do what with it whenever they like. basically Facebook wanted to be able to use your stuff in any way they saw fit whenever they liked. Even if you subsequently deleted it. What a fine example of corporate greed. Not content with the millions they’re making in advertizing revenue they wanted to make money off your stuff too. Fortunately there was a backlash and they’re now returning to their previous TOS.

However… keep a close eye on them. I certainly will be. They’re now “rewriting” the TOS to make it “clearer” as to what they intended. Yeah… alright. We’ll go with that. for now. Actions speak louder than words Facebook.

They’re not alone however. There are other sites out there that try to assert control and ownership over stuff that’s submitted or uploaded to them. Always, always, ALWAYS read the terms of service for any site that you upload content to. Particularly photographs.

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