State Of The Nation

I listened with interest last night to Obama’s state of the nation speech and potentially there were many positive ideas. Whether those ideas will actually bear fruit though remains to be seen. And what the cost will be to me personally of course. Despite the way the American economy has functioned in recent years money doesn’t grow on trees. All these ideas will need to be paid for.

I hope Obama can deliver. I really do. because by any criteria you care to name this is one sad country right now thanks to years, if not decades, of the rich getting rich and everybody else getting poorer. Past administrations, and congress for that matter, have got a lot to answer for.

I chuckled quietly to myself last night at all the “bi-partisan” standing ovations that Obama got. He pushed all the right buttons – Pavlov would have been proud. Not that I’m knocking what he had to say – I’m not. Just that all those standing and applauding loudly are the same wankers that got us into this mess in the first place through their action or inaction.

They’re alright of course. Good salary. Good pension. Free health care – now and for life. I’m expected to make sacrifices for all these “wonderful” things to happen. Pity they don’t have to also. It would have been nice to have heard a pay cut announced for congress and the senate. It won’t happen of course. God forbid they should have to sacrifice anything too. But it would have been nice.

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