Knickers In A Twist

It seems I am back to good old West Virginia already in my postings. I live out in the boonies – you wouldn’t think so on paper as it’s only 25 miles from the state capital but judging by the services I get… boonies – and my nearest community is Clendenin. A town of some 2500 people. And guess what? An adult store has opened in the town. And guess what else? Apparently we’re all going to go to hell and burn for all eternity.

The local reaction is really quite unbelievable. It’s not like the store is displaying dildoes in the window – it’s very discreet. But you wouldn’t think so. Now for those of you who don’t know Clendenin, which will be just about everyone out there, it’s somewhat past its use by date. There are very few shops in Clendenin and very few local job opportunities. Rather than castigating all concerned this town should be welcoming this store with open arms. Anything new is a real rarity here and any opportunity for new jobs – even on a small scale – should be treated as good news.

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