DUI Absurdity

Once again I am back to West Virginia. I was reading the local paper and to my surprise I saw an announcement about when and where the cops were going to be staging a DUI stop. WTF? I thought the whole idea of such stops was to actually catch drunks in charge of their personal missiles? This is the only country I have ever been in (and I’ve certainly been in a few) that announces to the media that they are going to hold such an event. And the┬ápress then goes on to publish the details. Or, as I have been told, the TV stations announce them on the news.

I will grant you that occasionally someone may have one too many but that does not make them an habitual drunk driver and as such they are less of a risk. It’s the habitual offenders that concern me. The heavy drinkers that are way over the limit. They put me and mine at risk. And of course anybody else going about their normal business on the road. But what are the chances (given forewarning by the media) that any single one of them would be dumb enough to drive home that way when they know there’s a stop planned?

Only in America.

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