Torture Is Torture

I was interested – but (sadly) not very surprised – to see that some Republicans are screaming about “policy differences” being the reason that the current Obama administration is “possibly” (I’ll believe it when I see it) considering prosecution for officials responsible for the “harmless” interrogation policies (aka torture) developed by Bush and Cheney and co.

Policy differences? Umm… no. It’s called torture. And for any country to try and pretend it’s the “moral” leader of the world, or champions “freedom” whilst at the same time systematically torturing suspects is hypocritical at very best.

By the way, note I said suspects. They have not been convicted of anything. But they have been denied legal council etc. etc. and all the other shit that goes with illegal imprisonment – not to mention kidnapping, which is how many of them ended up in that place to be proud of – Guantanamo.

Wake up America. What an administration does it does inĀ  your name. Your reputation is at an all time low around the world.

Are Americans so hypocritical as to think that executing WWII Japanese soldiers for the (very same) war crime of waterboarding was justified, but it’s “ok” when America does it? They were EXECUTED. For war crimes. Republicans don’t want any American to even get a slap on the wrist.

If it were Americans who were being waterboarded you’d be screaming for blood. Double standards America.

And by the way. The end does not justify the means.


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