Obama Reaches The Slippery Slope In Record Time

Remember those so eloquently phrased promises of “transparent government” and an end to military tribunals? I thought …

Transparent government? That’s the way it should be. Great. Fundamentally flawed military tribunals with so many human rights holes in them gone? Cool. I won’t even comment on the legalities of how so many of them got there. The fact that kangaroo court 101 was in full swing was enough for me and should be for anyone with a fundamental regard for ethics and human rights.

Well unfortunately this administration likes slippery slopes.

Obama now seeks to prohibit the publication of “enhanced interrogation” photographs (it’s not torture of course because we don’t call it that etc. etc.) on the grounds that it could damage America’s reputation and put troops in danger as extremists might get upset.

Ummm… I doubt anything could further lower America’s current reputation around the world. It reached rock bottom long ago and then Bush and Cheney got out the power drills and made the hole even deeper. I wouldn’t want troops put in additional danger of course, but does anyone seriously think that extremists need additional excuses?

And now to the tribunals. This sorry state of affairs should have been ended long ago. They will be a permanent blot on America’s record of human rights. They were flawed before Obama came to power. They are still flawed now. Bush lite indeed as many are calling it.

I had high hopes after all Obama’s pre-election rhetoric. I really did. Many of my friends were overjoyed when he got elected. I cautioned them then and it seems my caution was not misplaced.

Am I disappointed? Yes.

Am I surprised? No.

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