A Shining Example Of What Can Be Done

It doesn’t seem to be very often that I have anything really positive or uplifting to write about nowadays as regards society in this modern “I’m alright Jack” world in which we live. I currently live in the epitome of that attitude – the USA. The lack of compassion here is quite mind-boggling and doesn’t seem to be getting any better despite the growing number of the “I’m not alright Jack” newly unemployed. Anyway, I digress. Despite the fact that many of my posts revolve around the USA – such a wonderful source of material – this story is about one of my fellow countrymen – Brian Burnie.

Who the %^&* is Brian Burnie you may ask? Well read on and find out why this man is a shining example of what those with money could and should be doing.

Brian Burnie is 64 years old. Having started his working life as a delivery boy at aged 15 he slowly but surely worked his way up to where he is today. A multi-millionaire. I will grant you that he is far from alone in achieving that sort of success, but he is undoubtedly different from your average run of the mill millionaire.

Why so? Could it be the fact that he and his wife have have been contributing to charity for the last 40 years? Partly, but again not that unusual. Maybe their support of various cancer charities during that period? Again, partly, but again not that unusual. Maybe it was their inviting war veterans to their home for meals and opening their door to the less fortunate on Christmas Day that impressed me? Well, yes it did, but that’s still not the answer as to why I am writing this post.

Brian Burnie said three things that impressed me. Then he did what so many fail to do, which is put their money where their mouth is. What did he do? He put his $25,000,000 home on the market and every single cent of the sale will go to charity.

“We live in a me, me, me society and it has always been important to me to think of others.

“We can all do something by leaving money to charity when we die, but why don’t we do something while we are still living?”

“To be able to do something to help people has a much bigger return than any financial gain.”


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