Low Pump Prices Lure Americans Back To The Road

I was interested to see an article today with the headline “Low pump prices lure Americans back to the road.” Really? Low pump prices? Where?

According to this survey (conducted by AAA) the average pump price in the US was $2.39 per gallon at the time of writing. Although with peak summer demand approaching – not to mention the spurious tax imposed by government at this time – they expect pump prices to peak at $2.50 per gallon.

$2.39 per gallon? That was last week in WV. My local gas station now has prices at $2.55 per gallon which is commonplace around the area. Gas has jumped by 40 cents in the last ten days. Did somebody fart in the Middle East and the oil companies got scared again? Did I miss that?

Oh, and incidentally, for a nation that has a knee-jerk reaction to taxation, why the hell do Americans put up with a government levied tax on gas just because it’s summer?

Just a thought.

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