Dial-Up Sucks And So Does Verizon

Running 12 different web sites is a full time occupation and business for me. And like any business it needs to be run efficiently. The trouble is that I can’t get hi-speed Internet in any usable form where I am and I’m only 25 miles from the state capital of WV. My only alternative to dial-up is satellite and that’s no good to me because I need the upload speed (which totally sucks on satellite) not the slightly faster download speed it offers.

“Well, why did you move somewhere where dial-up is your only option?” I hear somebody ask. The answer to which is “I didn’t,” at least so I thought at the time. Before moving to my current location I checked Verizon’s web site to make sure and sure enough it said DSL was available. I even phoned them to make sure. “Yes,” I was told, “DSL is available from that phone number.”

So we moved. I promptly contacted Verizon to get my DSL hooked up only to be told it wasn’t available.

“What?” I said. I checked not only your web site but with one of your staff.

“Oh… that must have been the time the site was telling everyone no matter where they were that DSL was available.” Right… Ok. My mistake. I thought you were a professional business.

“Don’t worry,” I was told. “FIOS will be with you very soon.”

“How soon?” I asked.

“6 months to a year at most,” came the reply.

Well, that’s not too bad I thought. Anyhow, 4 years later no FIOS anywhere near me, or anywhere in WV for that matter as far as I am aware. A Verizon technician I know said we could get DSL if Verizon would convert the relay station which is less than a mile from me. So… I asked.

Imagine my surprise when I was met with a resounding “No!” Perhaps Obama could have a word with them. 25 miles from the capital of a US state. I had better service when I lived in Iceland.

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