Charity Spam

My wife and I usually donate to a few of our charities of choice each year and do so online. Recently we made what appears to be a mistake. We don’t (or didn’t) receive many requests through the mail but got one recently to which we chose to donate. Just $10. Not a fortune by anyone’s standards, but we aren’t rich and times are tough.

As a result we seem to have gone on the mailing list of every damn charity out there.

We are very selective about whom we donate to and do not donate to charities that do not conform to the criteria we have. Which is most of them.

And mailing me day after day is not going to get them one cent from me. I don’t like spam online, I do not like it through the mail either. They will all be going in the garbage without even being opened now as they are so prolific. I doubt I am the only one to choose that method of dealing with them.

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