Movie Review: Ankle Biters (2002)

I guess I must be a bit of a masochist as I actually enjoy watching really bad movies. I watch the Sci Fi channel movies for just that reason. They’re so bad they’re actually funny.

Ankle Biters is just such a movie. The quality is well… really, really, really bad. So bad it’s frigging hilarious. The whole movie revolves around a bunch of vampire dwarfs. The script is crap, the acting is crap and the plot is crap. It makes the Sci Fi channel original movies look like Oscar material, which is no mean feat!

How and why this movie got made is beyond me. How on earth did they ever persuade someone to finance it? I don’t think it’s meant to be funny – the cast seem to be taking it seriously enough but I seriously suggest that anybody involved with this movie should not contemplate giving up their day job for a career in Hollywood. The funny thing is that the movie got upgraded from VHS to DVD and then was distributed.

This movie is so poor that it deserves to be in your collection. It has recently been discontinued so you need to act now. It’s a classic. Get it.

Ankle Biters was directed by Adam Minarovich and stars:

Adam Minarovich – Drexel Vennis
Jeremy Busbee – Rafe
Michael Moore – T-Bone
Catherine Minarovich – Karen
Timothy Fahey – John Marcus
Jim Holcomb – Cowboy
Don Burgess – Antique Dealer
Ryan Hall – Bryan
Marcus Thompson – Bartender
Wayne Traynham – Edgar
Matt Arnde – Lurik
Otis Lucky – Brody
Tyrell Petty – Droz
Jaime Burch – Korel

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