Medical Bills Are The Leading Cause Of US Bankruptcy

I was absolutely gobsmacked to read that medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. I know of no other country where this is the case.

The figures are really quite staggering. An estimated 1,500,000 Americans will declare bankruptcy this year. Now many people would put that down to Americans chasing the myth of the “American Dream” and buying crap that they really don’t need and certainly can’t afford. A new study (to be published in the August issue of The American Journal of Medicine) however, suggests that 60% of those declaring bankruptcy this year will do so because of medical bills.

Apparently this is a 50% increase in a six year period since 2001, when it was only a meagre 46%. Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that all those bankruptcies must be because they didn’t have insurance. They aren’t. Three quarters – I’ll say that again – three quarters will have medical insurance and they will go bankrupt owing an average of $17,749.

Now we’re not talking elective surgery here are we? Nobody, but nobody, gets a nose job just so they can mortgage their house, be unable to pay any other bills and have to declare bankruptcy. Nor are we talking minor complaints and illnesses. We’re talking life-threatening conditions.

How fucking civilized is that?

Taking someone’s house away and forcing bankruptcy just because they had the audacity to want to prevent a loved one from dying.

How could anyone not think that America has the best system in the world?


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