More On Universal Health Care

It takes quite a lot to actually piss me off but the current debate on universal health care and the large percentage of scaremongers claiming it doesn’t work in the UK (one of their “facts” for maintaining huge profits for the insurance companies and the health care system) has finally managed to get me there.

The number of so-called experts (almost everyone I meet apparently) who feel qualified to pass judgment is quite staggering. Which is really quite strange as not many Americans as a percentage of the population have ever actually been there and of those who have I wonder just how many of them had to use our medical services. Funnily enough 65% of Americans can’t even find the UK on world map. Actually if you think that’s bad 20% of Americans can’t even find America on a world map.

As I said the number of lies spouted as fact has finally pissed me off. American health care sucks in comparison. And yes I do have knowledge of the system here. And in the UK of course, and also Canada, Iceland and New Zealand.

I really felt like banging my head against the wall over all this – I can’t believe that Americans can be so dumb as to fall for all the crap being talked about health care. As for a protester carrying a placard saying “get your government hands of my medicare” well, words failed me.

Still, on a lighter note (at least to me anyway – it stopped my feeling quite so angry at all the morons), the following statistic illustrates quite nicely why the “experts” can safely be ignored (and why the gene pool is in such danger) –  18% of Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth.

I kid you not.

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