Obama To Go Before UN General Assembly

I saw a news story today and promptly did a double take. Apparently US President Barack Obama will be going before the UN General Assembly and telling them that the United States cannot solve all the problems of the global community by itself.

He will also be telling leaders who apparently weren’t too happy with America acting unilaterally in the world that it is time for a true global response to global challenges including climate change, terrorism, endless conflicts and poverty.


“Climate change.” Good one! What about the Kyoto protocol? Still unratified (and hence non-binding on the US – or in other words America doesn’t have to do squat about greenhouse emissions – we don’t want to interfere with profits now, do we?) despite having been signed by the US. Talk about lip service and not meeting your responsibilities.

 “Terrorism.” Another good one. Thanks to Gog and Magog (with a little help from Bushy) Iraq is a ruined country with hundreds of thousands dead. And for what? Not to mention Blackwater of course. Who have still not been given the boot (in fact I believe Obama has extended their invaluable service to the United States) and if you don’t know what they’ve been up to in America’s name then shame on you.

“Endless conflicts?” Iraq. Afghanistan. Enough said really.

“Poverty?” I get begging letters to help Americans in need every week. Best cure poverty in your own back yard before criticizing other countries.

And now the biggie…

“The United States cannot solve all the problems of the global community by itself.”


Name one thing the United States has done on the current world stage that has solved anything.


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