Spam Glorious Spam

I’m just curious to know if anybody out there has actually had any success in dealing with spam from companies like Keen ( The reason I ask is that my other half is a Keen member and started receiving unsolicited e-mails from a Keen member well over a year ago now.

That Keen member is called Astrodaija.

The e-mail unsubscribe button doesn’t seem to work – she’s unsubscribed 11 times now.

Reporting the member to Keen doesn’t work – that’s been done 3 times. They still let¬†Astrodaija’s unwanted mail spam her.

As for the much vaunted CAN-SPAM legislation I wonder if that’s worth the paper it’s written on as reporting Astrodaija there 3 times hasn’t had any effect either.

Keen’s service provider doesn’t seem interested. Despite their “we don’t tolerate spam” spoutings they haven’t even had the courtesy to reply.

So… just what do we have to do to get this damn spammer off our backs?

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