Welcome to my world!

Bouncing Hedgehog is my personal take on life, the universe and everything else. There’s so much shit going on in the world that some of it just has to be commented on. And this is my way of doing just that.

Who am I? Well… I’m English, resident in the USA as I married an American girl and have been about a bit and ended up doing some strange stuff in some strange places. I have lived in England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, Iceland and the USA. In addition I have traveled around France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Crete, Santorini, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, San Marino, and Denmark. Life has not been dull. Try turning up in Iceland with $50 in your pocket, nowhere to live, not speaking the language and no job. It’s amazing what you can do when you really have to.

You will find various sections on Bouncing Hedgehog:

Current Affairs: Well that pretty much speaks for itself – anything and everything that’s currently going on in the world.

Memories: Memories from my past.

Myths & Misconceptions: There are many of these around nowadays and it really is quite incredible just what people believe as the “truth” when with a little independent fact checking it can clearly demonstrated as bogus. I am not a mushroom and I can think for myself. Why is it that so many (especially over here) continue to allow themselves to be kept in the dark and covered in bullshit?

Quotes: I like quotes. Quotes should make you think and if they don’t then maybe you should consider watching NASCAR.

Recommendations: Stuff I personally recommend you buy or try.

Strange & Bizarre: There’s a lot of that going on. And some of it is really fucked up.

Thoughts: My thoughts on anything that crosses my mind.

Why Bouncing Hedgehog? I was trying to think of a blog name and I had a dream involving a bouncing hedgehog. He had an attitude which seemed appropriate.